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The Fan Zone - Basketball Brunch With The Squad

Hey there!

I know that we just got our feet wet throwing football soirees and understanding what a first down is but now we have to turn our attention to the next sport.

Ready for some hoop action?

By now you know that I enjoy a good themed party. If you’ve read the last few fan posts then you too know how easy it is to set up for a sports themed party. You just have to get creative.

Starting with the basics -- you need a tablecloth. An orange tablecloth left over from Halloween parties will do. If you want to go a bit fancier, you can look for a black and white striped one. Again, those are Halloween colors so finding one might be easy. If not, do what I did and purchase 2 yards of striped fabric and throw the orange plastic tablecloth through the center. The great thing about a black and white piece of fabric is that it’s a great sports investment. While you only see sports officials in stripes in football, hockey and basketball games, the stripes will be accepted at sports parties regardless.

The orange is of course, for the basketball. You can decorate your table with an actual basketball or smaller toy basketballs. I found basketball table scatter at the craft store but you can also find it at party stores or you can print them off from the internet. In a pinch, cut out some orange circles out of constructions paper and use a black marker to create the lines on the basketball.

Keep that black marker out and draw lines on white cups to create basketball nets. You can find white cups at any dollar store. Go the extra distance and add backboards to them. I searched online and found these. What snack do you put in your cup? Cheeseballs! How fun is that?!

Need more basketballs in your life? Get some tangerines and add marker or black paint lines on them. It doesn’t hurt the fruit inside.

Remember my motto; simple is better. No need to go all fancy with your dishware. Pull out your brown plates, striped straws and add them to the table. Use streamers and pom poms as decorations. If you want to step it up, pick up some paper basketball lanterns at the party store.

Pour some orange soda and root beer. Make a orange sherbet drink in a punch bowl and use brown cups. Add some chips and dip, veggies and fruit and you have a cute table full of great snacks for your guest. It doesn’t take any more time to create these touches than it does to set up for any other party.

Have you had your fan zone party yet? Show us your photos from your gathering by adding the Cleatsheet hashtag on IG and Twitter so we can join in your fun!

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