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The Fan Zone - Sports Decorated Wine Bottle

Hey there!

By now you’ve probably hosted some pretty great football gatherings. The word has gotten out that this season you are getting in touch with your inner football diva. More parties means you probably have some empty wine bottles. Or, perhaps you purchased some of those cute fizzy drinks in glass bottles. You could certainly recycle them and call it a day but wouldn’t it be fun to create some team decorations instead?!

Don’t worry. We aren’t performing brain surgery. We’re going to make an easy craft that is a great addition to your table or mantle piece. You can display your team spirit all year long with this craft!

Or, maybe you have a friend that is getting into the fan zone too. When you go to her sports party, take one of these creations to her house!

I have these three bottles from sparkling lemonade drinks (honest!!). I rinsed them out really well and removed the labels. You can remove the labels easily by soaking them in warm soapy water (very soapy) for a few hours. Then you can scrape them off with a flat surfaced tool. I used a pan scraper. Even a steel wool pad used lightly won’t hurt the glass surface.

Once the bottles were completely dry, I picked three colors representing the team that I wanted to showcase. You can use spray paint your bottles if you’d like but I just used bottles of acrylic paint and a wide paint brush. I find that I only use the spray cans once but the acrylic paint several times. And, $5 or $6 a can versus $1 or less a bottle makes the decision for me.

If you use a spray paint, you probably only need two coats. I needed more with the acrylic paint. The silver and blue bottles took three coats for opacity. The white bottle took four coats. I made sure to have several hours between coats. That ensures that the final result will be smooth. And, don’t worry if the first coat looks a little bit splotchy. It will even out by the second or third coat.

I purchased some ribbon that matched the bottles. The white and silver came from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree also has blue ribbon but because I wanted a specific shade of blue, I went to Hobby Lobby for that color.

While I was at Hobby Lobby I saw this “Go Team!” ribbon and I just had to have it! If you want to take your bottle to the next level you can actually order ribbon with your team’s name on it. If you are making a gift, you definitely want to think about that.

I pulled some images off of the internet and Mod Podged them onto the bottles. You can also use stickers or cut outs. Make sure the paint on your bottles is completely dry before you do this. You don’t want paint transfer!

You can add flowers to the bottles or string lights inside the bottles. Place them on the table next to the food at your next gathering or next to the television. Show your team spirit!

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