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The Fan Zone - DIY Yarn Wreath

Hey there!

So we are head first into football season. Preseason is done, fantasy football teams have been picked and Sundays are all about the games. Let the fandom continue!

I had several people that loved making their football wreaths. Their front doors are all decked out and their neighbors know where their team allegiance lies. All the tulle and tying was fun. But, I did have one or two folks ask if we could try something a little bit less fussy but still just as cute. You are in luck my friends. I have just the thing!

Staying with the door adornment theme, we can try our hand at yarn wreaths. The last wreath that we made involved buying yards and yards of tulle. This wreath is easier. You pick two or three team colors, purchase skeins of yarn in those colors, stop by the floral department and grab a styrofoam wreath form.

Ok, some of you want to know exactly where to grab these goodies. If you have a JoAnn, Michael’s, A.C. Moore or Hobby Lobby craft store near you, you can find everything you need inside. But, if you don’t, stop by Walmart. They have yarn, wreath forms and anything else that you might need in their craft section.

Once you have all of your tools, grab a drink and sit in front of the television while your wrap your yarn around the foam wreath form. It takes a minute. It’s not difficult. You are just wrapping and wrapping. But, if takes a while to get the entire wreath form filled.

If you have to switch colors, pull out your fabric glue (again found in the craft section). Hot glue won’t work because it will melt the styrofoam. School glue will only hold for a little while. Fabric glue or strong hold glue works very well.

Add a dab of glue to the styrofoam and place your yarn down. I’d let it sit for about 15 minutes so that it gets a strong hold. Then you can go back to wrapping.

Make sure you keep your wraps tight. You don’t want any of the white or green styrofoam to show through.

Once you are finished wrapping your wreath form, you can get to decorating. I looked up team ephemera on the internet. If you have a Pinterest account, take a peek at the team wreaths that you see there.

I picked yellow letters for my team title and glued them to the yarn. Again, I’d use just a little fabric glue for this. You can purchase self adhesive letters from the store but remember, you are adhering paper to yarn so you want a little more strength.

I added a mini football made from glittery cardstock but you can always just find a wooden football at your local craft store. Teams have animals or tools or hats that you can create. Construction paper is easy to manipulate. And stars! Aren’t all of our team players stars?!

Make your wreath your own. This is your homage to your favorite football team. Show them the love! Tag them (and us!) on their social media platforms.

Go (enter your football team here)!